Cape Town & Winelands International Film Festival, (CTWIFF) a festival celebrating the best in African and international film, has re-branded itself and increased its offering to the industry.

Now in its 6th Year CTWIFF celebrates its expanded role in the film and industry with the launch of the inaugural Cape Town Filmmart (CTFM).

Our Vision: The Cape Town FilmMart is the place where South Africa and its Co-production treaty countries meet in order to accelerate film co-production on the continent.

Our Mission: To create a platform for South Africans, its eight co-production treaty country's producers, and the film world to meet and foster projects that become the economic drivers behind the development of new film and media, including feature film, documentary features as well as TV and TV series and TV formats. Projects with transmedia1 and new game elements are included.

Producer / director teams are welcome to apply. Projects must have a producer and director attached.

South African projects may apply, advantaged projects are those who are looking for co-production partners or finance from one or more of the South African eight co-production treaty countries which are: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, and United Kingdom. Eligible South African treaty countries’ projects that are looking for partners in South Africa will also be considered. The Cape Town FilmMart will also look at other African production countries’ projects but they must have a South African, or a South African treaty country producer formally attached to be considered.

1 transmedia: Storytelling across multiple forms of media, with each element making distinctive contributions to a user's understanding of the story universe, including where user actions affect the experience of content across multiple platforms

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1:1Denmark 2006, Danish with English subtitles, 35mm, 90 min
Director: Annette K. Olesen
Screenplay: Kim Fupz Aakeson
Cinematography: Kim Høgh Mikkelsen
Cast: Mohammed-Ali Bakier, Joy K. Petersen, Anette Støvelbæk, Helle Hertz, Subhi Hassan, Jonas Busekist, Brian Lentz, Paw Henriksen, Nassim Al-Dosom, Rose Copty, Trine Appel
Print Source: Danish Film Institute

A-FAMILY-SECRETCanada 2006, French with English subtitles, 35mm, 86 min
Director: Ghyslaine Côté
Screenplay : Martin Girard, Ghyslaine Côté
Cinematography: Pierre Mingot
Cast: Ginette Reno, Céline Bonnier, David Bolutin
Print Source: Seville Pictures

2-DAYS-IN-PARISFrance/Germany 2006, English and French with English subtitles, 35mm, 96 min
Director: Julie Delpy
Screenplay: Julie Delpy
Cinematography: Lubomir Bakchev
Cast: Julie Delpy, Adam Goldberg, Daniel Brühl
Print Source: Rezo Films

AACHI-AND-SSIPAKKorea 2006, Korean with English subtitles, 35mm, 90 min
Director: Joe Bum-jin
Screenplay: Jung Hye-Won, Jang Sang-Kyun
Cinematography: Kim Youn-Ki
Cast: Ryu Seung-Bum, Yim Chang-Jeong, Hyun Young, Shin Hyae-Chul, Lee Gyu-Hwa, Seo Hye-Jeong
Print Source: Tube Entertainment/ Studio 2.0

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